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Vintage Black Glass Beads

Black and Pink Lampwork Beads Extra Large Black and Gold Lampwork Tubes Black Dimpled Rounds- Vintage

Vintage black floral lampwork beads

These gorgeous beads have two beautiful pink and white flowers inside them. Each bead was handmade by a bead artist. Vintage Czech

Size: 18 x 10mm

$4.00 for 6


Vintage Venetian Black and Gold Foil Tube Beads

These are extra large lampwork beads that have a black glass base wrapped in shimmering gold. These tube shaped beads are lampwork, made by hand. The centers are bumpy and give the illusion of gold nuggets. Very unusual beads. See View A, B. Limited Quantity. Vintage Venetian

Size: 22x17mm

$10 each


Vintage black glass beads with dimples

Vintage round beads with dimples and a swirling textured design. Nice shiny beads with a great texture. You will find lots of uses for them.

Size: 8mm

$3.00 for 25


Black Nailhead Beads - Vintage

Peacock Nailhead Beads - Vintage

Black Petals - Vintage

Vintage Black Nailhead Beads

Wonderful old glass jet black beads that are faceted on the top and flat on the back. They have a shiny finish and beautiful luster. The shape is called nailhead and they have two holes in them. They were often used in the days of the flapper to embellish garments, before sequins were developed. They work great as beads on necklaces to add a very unique look.

Mint Condition - German, See the back.

Size: 11mm


peacock nailheads

These pretty beads are faceted on the top and flat on the back. The shape is called nailhead and the metallic finish is referred to as peacock because of all the lovely colors in it. They were often used in the days of the flapper to embellish garments, before sequins were developed. They work great as beads on necklaces to add a very unique look.

Size: 6mm

$4.00 for 12

black petal beads

These are ribbed petal or shell beads. German

Size: 18mm

$5.00 for 6


Preciosa Black Crystal Pendant 681

Black Faceted Rondelles

Black Faceted Glass Beads- Vintage

Preciosa Black Crystal Pendant

Brilliant Preciosa crystal pendants; these black crystals are beautiful machine cut pendants. They were made by the Czech company Preciosa, which is well known for its high quality crystal products. These are mint in the box - Vintage

Size: 20x12mm

$3.00 each


Vintage black rondelle beads faceted

These are thick faceted black glass beads, in a shape and size sometimes called rondelles. They work nicely by themselves or in between other beads.

Size: 13x7mm

$4.00 for 12


black glass rounds

These are fabulous faceted jet black beads, they can be used in so many designs. They are shiny and capture lots of light - a must in every bead box. Mint Condition - German



Black Floral Buttons - Vintage

Japanese Black Rounds - Vintage

Black Ruffled Beads -Vintage

black floral buttons

These small black glass buttons are really special. They are shaped like small flowers and are very popular for embellishing and adding to doll's clothing. They still have the original tag that says "Made in Germany-U.S.-Zone" (1947). They come 100 to a strand or packages of 24 pieces.

Size: 5mm


black glass rounds

Vintage Japanese glass rounds - classic and a must for every beader! These are a staple item and can be used with vitually every color and design. Always keep some on hand.



black ruffle beads

These are lovely little ruffled black glass beads. German

Size: 6mm

$4.00 for 12


Iris Rocailles

Glass Cameo/ Intaglio

Black and Copper Lampwork Tubes

Peacock rocailles

Vintage gray seed beads or rocailles with an Iris finish. They have blue, green and purple metallic tints. Sold in 20 gram packages. Vintage

Size: 5mm - 5/0

$4.00 for 20 grams


Vintage glass intaglio - cameo

Beautiful glass intaglios that are straight out the original old box. They have a lovely lady's profile, like a cameo, but are cut glass. There is wonderful frosted glass edging that is framing the face. The glass is a dark smoky color the box calls hematite. They have a polished top and a 3/4 faceted back. See a close up and the back. Vintage - 1950's

Size: 35mm

$5.00 each


Vintage lampwork beads and with copper on black

These lampwork beads are black glass wrapped in shimmering copper. These tube shaped beads are lampwork, made by hand. Vintage Czech

Size: 10x17mm

$5.00 for 6 Sold out

Black and Copper Lampwork Beads Black Bead Collar  

Vintage Black and Copper Round Lampwork Beads

These gorgeous beads have black and copper inside them. Each bead was made by hand. The black and copper glass is submerged beneath the translucent glass. The copper really sparkles. Vintage Czech


Sold out

Vintage Black Glass Collar of Beads

Lovely little Black glass jewelry component, that is composed of shiny sticks that are strung on the original old card. It is a graduated collar that can be used to make a stunning necklace centerpiece. The pieces are graduated from 13-30mm long and 4mm wide. Circa 1960's

Size: Total 2 inches wide

$12.00 Sold out

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