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Bone Beads & Pendants

All of the beads, pendants, and jewelry on this page are crafted of bone. Bone and horn beads are one of the oldest adornment materials ever used as a canvas for carving. Bone beads are a great fit for nature-inspired projects and all of your earthy designs. Bone is known for its fabulous durability, pleasant feel, availability and ease of carving and dyeing. It has been crafted and carved into every shape imaginable. It is also lightweight, a good value and a wonderful alternative to ivory. Most of our bone now comes from Water Buffalo. Bone looks great when paired with other natural beads, such as wood, horn, shells, or gemstones.

Bone Squash Rounds Carved Bone Rondelles - Natural Bone Rondelles - Natural

bone squash beads

These bone rounds are tea dyed with a squash pattern. These add a great natural look to your designs. Sold on 16" strands

Size: 8mm

$12.00 strand


Vintage carved bone rondelles notched

These vintage bone rondelle beads are hand cut with notches. They have little V's cut in the sides. They are unusual and really special beads that have a wonderful hand crafted look. These are all natural older bone beads that have not been dyed or bleached. See view A, B. Sold on 17" strands

Size: 10x5mm

$16.00 strand (only 1 left)


Vintage bone rondelles natural color

These vintage bone rondelle beads are hand cut and make great spacers. These are all natural older bone beads that have not been dyed or bleached. See another view. Sold on 16" strands

Size: 9x4mm

$12.00 strand


Bone Round Beads Bone Oval Tube Beads Carved Batik Bone Tubes

Vintage bone round beads

Pretty round bone beads. They are a white color with no holes or grain visible. Sold on 16" strands



Brown Carved Bone Tube Beads

Nice grooved oval bone beads that have been dyed a medium brown color. These hand made beads were nicely carved and have a collar on then ends. The holes are 2-2.5mm. Made in India - Sold on 16" strands

Size: 17x7mm

$8.00 strand


Carved Bone Tubes

These bone beads are dyed a dark brown, with a pattern carved out to reveal the white surface in the Batik style. These beads are a long tube shape and have a great BOHO or ethnic design. Sold on 16" strands, approx. 18 pcs.

Size: 18x10mm

$7.00 strand


Carved Bone Mix

Bone Elephant Beads Tea Dyed Rounds

Carved bone beads

Hand-carved bone beads in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of the beads are white or off-white, but a few are dyed or antiqued. They add a great ethnic look to your jewelry. - Vintage

Size: 50 grams (about 100 beads)

8.00 a bag


Vintage bone elephant beads

Wonderfully carved vintage elephant beads, that are drilled vertically. Perfect for a pair of earrings or accent beads on a necklace. They are hand carved out of bone and each one is slightly different. The sizes will vary. Made in India.

Size: 15mm

$5.00 each


Bone round beads tea dyed

These bone rounds are tea dyed to a light brown. It's a pretty color that looks very natural because there is a color variation on the beads along the strand. These add a great natural look to your designs. See a close-up. Sold on 16" strands

Size: 6mm

$8.00 strand


Carved Bone Floral Pendant

Carved Bone Diamond Pendant

Carved Bone Basket of Flowers Pendant

Vintage carved bone pendant

Intricately carved bone pendant. This is a beautiful and delicate vintage piece that was expertly carved from a single piece of bone. It has a lovely floral design carved in the center. It is a unique and stunning hand carved pendant.

Size: 2 nches


Vintage pierced bone pendant

Rustic hand carved large bone pendant in a diamond shape. It has scalloped edges and pierced carvings. It was probably carved by an artisan from India. Would make a great focal point in a necklace. It has a silver tone bail on top. It has aged to a wonderful creamy mellow color. See view A, B.

Size: 45mm


Vintage basket of flowers pendant bone

Beautiful basket of flowers Intricately carved from bone. This pendant is a vintage item that was expertly carved from a single piece of bone. It is a unique and pendant with lovely details. See the back.

Size: 2 ¼ inches


Bone carved white rose

Bone Heart Pendants

Carved Bone Rectangles

carved bone roses

This rose pendant is wonderfully carved and polished to a very shiny luster. It is very white and looks like ivory. It has a hole in the top.



Vintage Bone Heart Beads

Pretty puffy heart pendants carved from white bone. They are nicely polished and very smooth. They have holes in the top for an eye clasp to be glued in. Circa 1970's

Size: 1 inch

$1.50 each


carved bone beads

Hand-carved bone rectangles- they are flat with an "eye" carved in the center of each side. Sizes vary. Vintage

Size: 25 x 15mm

$3.00 2.00 for 24


Carved Bone Peacock Pendant Set

Bone Eyes or Bails African Fish Vertebrae Beads

Vintage bone pendant set carved birds Vintage carved bone pendants

Set of 3 Intricately carved bone pendants with a peacock in the center of each one. These were recovered from a piece of antique jewelry. There are 4 holes on each side so they can be strung together as part of a necklace or bracelet. These pendants were were expertly hand carved from a single piece of bone. The two smaller pieces measure 1 ¼ x 1 inch and the larger one is 1 ½ x 1 ½ inches . See view A, B,C, D.

$27.00 Sold

Vintage carved bone beads

Vintage handmade bone eyes or bails. These were hand carved and each one is slightly different as you can see. The bone is a light ivory colored and is smooth with little or no grain visible. I can see many uses for these. Circa 1970's

Size: 1-1½ inches

$1.00 each


African Fish Vertebrae bone beads

These are beads made from dried fish vertebrae bones. Weird, unique, organic ... not seen on your everyday necklace. They are very light weight and will add some great features to your jewelry. Vintage from Gambia - 1-2mm holes. Come in two sizes. See another picture.


Sold out
Bone Saucers    

bone saucer beads

These bone saucer beads are tea dyed. These neutral colored beads make excellent spacers. Sold on 16" strands

Size: 10mm

$12.00 strand Sold out


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