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We have a wonderful sale going on right now for beads and pendants. It is a great time to stock up. We have some beautiful jewelry, beads and pendants on sale to create new designs or to spice up your wardrobe. We have a wonderful selection of natural beads made from bone, coral, wood, horn, and gemstones.Take advantage of these low prices to restock with our vintage beads, bracelets, and clasps on sale too.

Amber Resin Barrels-Large

Brown Mother of Pearl Flat Rounds Mother of Pearl Octagons

Amber resin beads

Large milky brown colored amber resin beads in a barrel shape. These are high quality handmade beads. Amber resin is a great substitute for genuine old amber.

Size: 17x27mm

$34.00 26.00 a strand


Brown Mother of Pearl flat rounds

These shell beads are sort of round but really cut in a free form shape. They are dyed a nice even brown color with natural variations showing through.  There are 18 beads per strand.

Average Size: 20mm

$8.00 4.00 a strand


Mother of pearl octagon beads

Fabulous mother of pearl shell pieces cut into octagons. There are splashes of tans and pinks on a white background. They are highly polished on both sides. They are perfect for belts - avail in med and large sizes.



14KT Gold Scalloped Hoop Earrings 14Kt Gold Disk Pierced Earrings

Small Sterling & Amethyst Cross

Vintage gold scalloped hoop earrings

Our small, puffed & scalloped hoop earrings are a fashion statement. They are trendy and versatile with shine and glimmers. These earrings are set in polished 14kt yellow gold finished with a post. They are in excellent condition. See view A, B. Marked JCM 14K

Size: 1 inch     Weight: 1 gm

$99.00 $75

Vintage gold disk pierced earrings

Beautiful little 14kt gold pierced earrings. The disks have a lovely swirl design on the front and they are in excellent condition. See another view. See the back. They weigh 1 gram, the posts are marked 14K.

Size: 13mm

$75.00 $50

Sterling and amethyst cross pendant charm

This is a sterling silver cross inlaid with a single faceted oval amethyst gemstone in the center. It is bezel set in the sterling. It has a large bail on the top. Marked 925 on the back. See view A, B.

Size: 1 inch including bail

$10.00 $ 6.50

Vintage Multi-Strand Bone & Brass Necklace Carved Bakelite Bracelet Vintage Razza Zodiac Pisces Necklace

Vintage multi-strand bone necklace

This is a stylish multi-strand bone necklace. It consists of six strands of hand carved bone rondelles. They are gracefully draped down the front and looped around a large bone donut pendant. The pendant is nicely carved too. It has some brass accent beads and a brass hook clasp. See other views A, B, C

Length: 23 inches

$55.00 $40.00

Carved bakelite bangle bracelet

Wonderful Bakelite Bracelet that has a beautiful deep carved pattern. The color is an olive green with some caramel tones. You can see the original color on the inside was more of a pea green, but it has changed over the years. In very good condition- no chips or cracks. The bangle tested positive with Simichrome polish.

Size: 1 inch wide - Inside Diameter 2 ¾ inches

$95.00 $45.00

vintage Razza pisces necklace zodiac

A spectacular Pisces Zodiac Necklace by Luke Razza. In the 1970's, he created a zodiac line of necklaces using molded resin that resembles ivory or bone. This necklace depicts the sign of Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20). The pendant itself measures 3 inches high by 2 inches wide. End to end, the original gold tone chain is 20 inches long. with some wear to the gold tone finish to the chain, which is usual for Razza pieces. Overall condition is very good, no chip or cracks on the pendant.

Luke Razza, a United States based Italian jewelry designer, created costume jewelry during the 1960's and early 1970's. His pieces have become highly collectible. See other views A, B, C. See the signature.

Length: 22 inches

$135.00 $95

Black Nailheads - Vintage

Amber Resin Rounds

Red/Orange Coral branches

Vintage Black Nailhead Beads

Wonderful old glass jet black beads that are faceted on the top and flat on the back. They have are shiny and have a beautiful luster finish. The shape is called nailhead and they have two holes in them. They were often used in the days of the flapper to embellish garments, before sequins were developed. They work great as beads on necklaces to add a very unique look.

Mint Condition - German, See the back.

Size: 12mm


round amber beads

These are excellent quality beads that are handmade from amber resin. They are rounds in a golden honey color. An affordable and great substitute for the older amber gemstones. Sold on 16" strands. See entire strand.

Size: 8mm

$15.00 $8.00 a strand


Red coral branches

These are all natural, not dyed, high quality coral branches with brilliant color and polish.  These branches are a medium reddish orange color, they are a lighter red than the oxblood Italian branches. Vintage Italian



Swarovski Margaritas Jet -3700

Old Palm wood Rounds

Burnt Horn Twists

3700 jet

Classic Swarovski Margarita crystals in Jet Black. These little flower shaped crystal beads are always popular for jewelry making, embellishing and make great sew-ons.

Available in:  


palmwood rounds

Wood is so popular in all the natural and bohemian designs. We have these in a wonderful variety of sizes. These are made from Old Palm Wood, considered an exotic wood bead from the Philippines. Sold on 16" strands.



Burnt Horn Twisted Beads


These are burnt horn beads in a twisted oval -  Sold in 16 inch strands.

Size: 17 x 10mm

$10.00 $ 7 a strand


Opal Glass Ovals

Italian Crucifix with Crystals

Cloisonne Cobalt Ovals

Vintage Opal Glass Oval Cabochons

These glass cabochons are spectacular imitation opals. They are fiery with lots of fabulous colors and inclusions. These gorgeous cabochons are made through a process where multi colored foil pieces are embedded in translucent opalized glass. They are flat backs - Vintage Czech

Size: 18x13mm

$5.00 for 6 12 - 1/2 off


Vintage Italian Crucifix with Crystals

This is a vintage silver tone metal crucifix with clear crystals on the ends. It has flared edges and is beautiful. Popular for making rosaries, has a bail on the top. Made in Italy, Marked Italy on the back. Vintage- See the Back.

Size: 2 inches

$3.00 $2.00 each


blue cloisonne beads

These large vintage cloisonné eggs were handmade and have a dark & shiny cobalt background with pretty pink & white flowers decorating them and trimmed in gold. Vintage



Light Pink Coral Rounds

New Jade Lt. Green Translucent Bone Beads Extra Long Strands

Enamel on Copper Floral Squares

Light pink coral beads

These are AA quality pale pink coral beads, in a color known as angel skin coral. The coral is all natural and is a very even color. The beads have a nice polish and no pits. Sold on 16" strands. Vintage



Vintage light green serpentine new jade bone beads

These new jade beads are a high quality translucent light green color. As with all jade beads the translucent ones are more prized and have higher values. These beads have no inclusions and almost glow. They are cut in a bone shape and are slightly graduated. These extra long strands will make a gorgeous necklace. This gemstone is also called serpentine or new jade. See another view. Circa 1970's. These are sold on extra long 25" strands.

Size: 10 x 15mm

$16.00 a strand Quantity:

Vintage enamel floral on copper squares

These are vintage enamel on copper hand painted squares or diamonds. There are vibrant blue and pink flowers on a black background. They can be oriented as squares or diamonds to glue on brooches, pins, cuff links or more. They can easily be drilled to make earrings or pendants. Sold in packs of 3. See view 1, 2, 3. These are new old stock from original packaging. In perfect condition.

Sizes: 1¼ inch - 32mm

$4.00 for 3 $3.00 for 3


Black Cloisonne Drops

Rust Cloisonne Drops

Navy Cloisonne Drops

black cloisonne drops

These floral cloisonne beads are perfect for earrings, they are long teardrops that gradually get wider at the bottom. They are 5mm wide at the top and 7mm at the bottom. Perfect drops for pendants too! Vintage

Size: 20mm length

$3.00 for 2 $2.00 for 2


rust cloisonne drops

These floral cloisonne beads are perfect for earrings, they are long teardrops that gradually get wider at the bottom. They are 5mm wide at the top and 7mm at the bottom. Perfect drops for pendants too! Vintage

Size: 20mm length

$3.00 for 2 $2.00 for 2


navy cloisonne drops

These floral cloisonne beads are perfect for earrings, they are long teardrops that gradually get wider at the bottom. They are 5mm wide at the top and 7mm at the bottom. Perfect drops for pendants too! Vintage

Size: 20mm length

$3.00 for 2 $2.00 for 2


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