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We have a wonderful sale going on right now for beads and pendants. It is a great time to stock up. We have some beautiful jewelry, beads and pendants on sale to create new designs or to spice up your wardrobe. We have a wonderful selection of natural beads made from bone, coral, wood, horn, and gemstones.Take advantage of these low prices to restock with our vintage beads, bracelets, and clasps on sale too.

Banana Wood Heart - Light

Gold Plated Pearl Clasp Mother of Pearl Octagons

banana wood heart pendant -light

This large heart pendant is hand made from inlaid banana bark over a wood base. It has a shiny resin finish that makes it very durable. Great BOHO look - perfect for stylish long necklaces.

Size: 55mm

$5.50 $3.00 each


Vintage gold plated pearl clasp

These gold plated pearl clasps are very pretty and feminine. There is a tongue on one side of this clasp that slides into the other and locks into place. Perfect for multi-strand necklaces. Choose between 2, or 3 loops on each side. They are very well made and have a beautiful filigree back, circa 1970's. See the backs.

Size: 14 x 23mm

$3.00 $1.50 for Triple Strand clasp.


Mother of pearl octagon beads

Fabulous mother of pearl shell pieces cut into octagons. There are splashes of tans and pinks on a white background. They are highly polished on both sides. They are perfect for belts - avail in med and large sizes.



Bone Heart Pendants Blue Coral Hearts

Sterling & Crystal Cross

Vintage Bone Heart Beads

Pretty puffy heart pendants carved from white bone. They are nicely polished and very smooth. They have holes in the top for an eye clasp to be glued in. Circa 1970's

Size: 1 inch

$1.50 1.00 each


Vintage Blue Coral Hearts

These are all natural blue coral hearts.They are sold with a gold tone headpin in the top. You can easily make a pendant loop with the headpin These are in a natural state and have not been lacquered, they are slightly rough with a some pores visible. They are all hand cut. Circa 1970's - Mint uncirculated



Sterling silver and cubic zirconia cross pendant

This is a sterling silver cross inlaid with clear crystal stones. It can be a charm or small pendant. It has a split ring attached.

Size: 1 inch

$14.00 $8.00


Black Horn Hearts With Metal Inlays

Carved Bakelite Bracelet Sterling Cross & Heart Earrings

Vintage Horn Heart Inlaid

These heart pendants are carved from black horn and have a hole in the center. They are inlaid with brass and silver pieces around the hole. The back of the pendant is flat and it has a silver tone metal bail in the top. Each one was hand carved and has a wonderful handcrafted look, so the sizes and patterns will vary slightly. Circa 1970



Carved bakelite bangle bracelet

Wonderful Bakelite Bracelet that has a beautiful deep carved pattern. The color is an olive green with some caramel tones. You can see the original color on the inside was more of a pea green, but it has changed over the years. In very good condition- no chips or cracks. The bangle tested positive with Simichrome polish.

Size: 1 inch wide - Inside Diameter 2 ¾ inches

$95.00 $45.00

Vintage Sterling Silver Cross and Heart Earrings

Sterling silver clip on earrings with a cute cross and heart design. They have a fun handcrafted look with exposed screws on the front and an applied heart. Signed JM 925 on the back. See the backs. See another view. They are in excellent condition. They weigh 23.8 grams.

Size: 1½ inches

$34.00 $22.00

Tri-Metal Triangular Pendant

Embossed Metal Floral Pendant

Embossed Oval Pendant

Tri-metal triangular pendant

Three colors and types of metal make up this triangular pendant. It has a stamped pattern in three layers of copper, steel and brass triangles. It is a thin metal pendant and it has a little curve to it. There is a 2mm hole in the top and it will mix well with many different types of jewelry because of the three colors of metal. - Vintage

Size: 2 ¼ inches

$5.00 $3.00


Vintage Embossed Metal Pendant

Embossed brass and copper metals make up this diamond shaped pendant. It has a very pretty floral design in the brass and a small stripe of copper on the side. It is edged in brass. The pattern is slightly different on each pendant. There is a 2mm hole in the top. - Vintage

Size: 2 inches

$5.00 $3.00


Embossed brass and copper make up this unusual pendant. There are strips of both metals running across the pendant with a floral pattern stamped into them. It is also edged in brass. There is a 2mm hole in the top. - Vintage

Size: 2 inches

$5.00 $3.00


Black Nailheads - Vintage

Amber Resin Rounds

Red/Orange Coral branches

Vintage Black Nailhead Beads

Wonderful old glass jet black beads that are faceted on the top and flat on the back. They have are shiny and have a beautiful luster finish. The shape is called nailhead and they have two holes in them. They were often used in the days of the flapper to embellish garments, before sequins were developed. They work great as beads on necklaces to add a very unique look.

Mint Condition - German, See the back.

Size: 12mm


round amber beads

These are excellent quality beads that are handmade from amber resin. They are rounds in a golden honey color. An affordable and great substitute for the older amber gemstones. Sold on 16" strands. See entire strand.

Size: 8mm

$15.00 $8.00 a strand


Red coral branches

These are all natural, not dyed, high quality coral branches with brilliant color and polish.  These branches are a medium reddish orange color, they are a lighter red than the oxblood Italian branches. Vintage Italian



Swarovski Margaritas Jet -3700

Vintage Rhinestone Box Clasp Bali Style Copper Toggle

3700 jet

Classic Swarovski Margarita crystals in Jet Black. These little flower shaped crystal beads are always popular for jewelry making, embellishing and make great sew-ons.

Available in:  


Vintage Silver Plated Clasp

This is a vintage silver plated box clasp. It has a textured finish on the top with three clear rhinestones set in it. It is made for a triple strand or multi strand necklace. See View A, B, C

Size: 18 x 18mm

$3.00 $2.25 each


Copper Jewelry Toggle Bali Style

Copper is very popular in jewelry now, so we were excited to find these high quality Bali style copper toggles. They have been oxidized for this pretty antiqued finish. There are 5 rings in between that can be removed to adjust the length. This toggle is a little larger and thicker than the one on the right. See another view.

Size: 16mm (dia of toggle)

$3.00 $2.25 each


Flat Back Roses Ivory Scalloped Pieces-Flat Back

Mexican Onyx Rings

Vintage Carved Ivory Roses

These elegant ivory roses are three dimensional and beautifully carved. They are flat on the back with a small hole in the center. Each one is carved in high relief with a great deal of detail and each is slightly different. (7-10mm High) Great for pendants, pins or earrings. Use your imagination and they can embellish many items, just use a few drops of jewelers glue to attach them. The box says made in Hong Kong, Circa 1960's, in mint unused condition. See view A, B.



Vintage Ivory Scalloped Jewelry Components

These are lovely and elegant carved pieces of ivory. They are scalloped and curved jewelry components that are flat on the back. Great for pendants, pins or earrings. Use your imagination and they can embellish many items, just use a few drops of jewelers glue to attach them. Sold by the pair. Circa 1960's. See the back. Made in Hong Kong.

Length: 12x30mm

$10.00 $6.00 a pair


Vintage Mexican Onyx Rings

These are rings that are drilled through on opposite sides( through the middle). They are made of Mexican Onyx that is somewhat translucent and has banded colors include shades of yellow, pink, red, brown, and green. Inside dia - 12mm. Outside dia - 23mm. Use one as a pendant or bunches in a belt, or anything in between.  You will be so happy we found them!

$4.00 for 6 12


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