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Black Coral Tube Beads 7mm Rare Natural AA Vintage

Black Coral Tube Beads 6mm Rare Natural AA Vintage


These are strands of all natural Black Coral beads, in a tube shape. They are beautiful AA quality coral beads that all have been polished to an extra high gloss. 

  • Size: 6mm
  • Sold on 16" strands.
  • Circa 1990's. 

You will be surprised by the feel of black coral and how light weight it is. Under magnification or in the raw state you will see thin golden brown rings or markings on its tree like branches. This coral has been polished to remove the rings and to get a beautiful very shiny surface with an even black color. In the 1950's Hawaiian black coral was found at extreme depths exceeding 175 feet. It has long been a Hawaiian favorite gemstone. Once abundant in the Persian Gulf area and other oceans, but that has been exhausted. AA quality

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