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Gold 14K Spring Ring Clasp Italian

Jumbo Gold 14K Spring Ring Clasp Italian


These are 14k Yellow Gold Jumbo spring ring clasps. They come with large closed tabs on the sides for attaching your beads or pearls. These are a heavy clasps that are easier to grasp and use, they are  similar to the traditional spring clasp but much weightier. It is ideal for most beaded necklaces, even the heaviest ones, they have excellent polish and craftsmanship. The sliding opening is held in place by a spring controlled by a nib on the outside of the ring. Press the nib back to compress the spring and open the clasp; release it to close the clasp. Perfect for a special necklace!

  • They are sold individually
  • Marked 585 (14K)
  • Made in Italy
  • Size 12 x 23mm

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