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African Trade Beads Kancamba Green & Yellow Disks

African Trade Beads Kancamba Green & Yellow Disks (6) - Uranium Glass


These are Kancamba (Kokomba) Molded Trade Beads from Africa. They are a deep green color with splashes of yellow through out. The beads are molded glass rondelles made in Europe and traded to Africa. The rondelles are uniform in size, 14mm across and 4mm thick. They were made of uranium glass, more commonly known as Vaseline glass, its popularity can be traced to the 1830s.

Vaseline glass typically has a yellow-green hue in daylight and radiates a bright, bold fluorescent green under a black light. The glowing properties are from the uranium oxides and additional fluorescing colorants such as manganese and iron infused into the glass at the molten stage. 

Sold in packages of 6 beads

Size: 14 x 4mm

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