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Meerschaum Carved Beads Rare

Meerschaum Carved Beads Rare


Rare White Meerschaum Carved Beads from Turkey. I had these rare beads for years and couldn't determine what they were. In my many years of dealing in beads and jewelry, these are the first Meerschaum beads I have ever had. Meerschaum is a variety of the mineral sepiolite usually found in Turkey.

The beads are surprisingly light weight and are highly carved in a floral design. 

The name Meerschaum is the German word for sea foam (Meer, sea + Schaum, foam).  It is said that this designation was given because of the once held belief that it represented compressed whitecaps of waves in the sea;  its light weight and off-white color apparently led to this belief. The French call it 'écume de mer'. 

Not only is it rare to find Meerschaum beads, but it's even rarer to find them with no discoloration. 

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