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Apple Coral Round Beads Rare Genuine Coral


Natural Apple coral beads in a round shape. The vivid colors on these beads range from light yellow to dark orange...

Apple Coral Lion Pendant Necklace Vintage


A Distinctive apple coral necklace with a mosaic lion pendant. This vintage necklace is composed of genuine apple coral beads in...

Modern Coral Geometric Necklace & Earring Set Vintage


This modern style coral necklace has three panels that take center stage. It is composed of three types of coral-...

Apple Coral Bracelet Bangle Vintage


Contemporary looking bangle made of genuine apple coral and brass. The natural beauty of the coral shines through on this bracelet. The apple...

Apple Coral Bracelet Bangle Vintage


This vintage bracelet is so stylish - it is made of genuine apple coral. The natural beauty of the coral...