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Summer Trends in Fashion and Jewelry

Allison Dow Bangles Designs Jewelry Fashion Trends in Jewelry

Big, Bold and Colorful seem to be the current trend. One little style secret (and a quick and easy way) to update your look is to do it with jewelry. Revamp your jewelry this season is by adding a few colorful pieces. From colorful bangles and earrings to must-have statement necklaces gather them up to give you an added spring in your step.

Leading the way this season are colorful rhinestone pieces and beaded designs. Tassels are still in, but have evolved into pom poms and smaller fringe pieces.

Fringe Pom Pom Earrings Multicolored


Gone are the teeny tiny pendant necklaces and pieces of jewelry, now clusters of beads lend an exceptionally chic vibe. Mixing of colored crystals and beads for a rainbow look is fashionable. The craze over everything cactus has expanded from decor to the jewelry industry as well. See our fabulous old Navajo cactus pin. 

Vintage sterling Navajo Cactus Pin

So add some colorful and fun pieces of jewelry to your wardrobe to elevate look!

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