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Angel Skin Coral Large Branch Beads Rare Natural

Angel Skin Coral Large Branch Beads Rare Natural


These rare pieces are extra large, thick branches and chunks of natural angel skin coral. They are white to light pink with splashes of darker pink. Each one different and beautiful. They have been drilled for stringing and have been wonderfully polished and buffed, really exceptional quality. These branches are approximately 4mm thick. We also have thinner branches available.

All coral, especially the white, pink and red coral is rare and can no longer be imported into the US, so get it while you can.

  • Sold individually
  • Size: Approx. 4mm thick - Select the length from menu

We are coral specialists and have many more coral beads for sale. See our coral collection! Like me, Pin me, or favorite my shop, you never know what items I will add next!

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