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Antique African Trade Red White Heart Beads

Antique African Trade Cornaline d'Aleppo Beads (24)


Antique Cornaline d'Aleppo round red glass beads with a white core, or heart. These are old European made beads that generally have large holes. There is a blend of red colors. They were made in Venice for the African trade at the end of 1800’s. Their exotic name comes from a combination of the words "Aleppo" and "Cornaline". These names were used on Societa Veneziana Conterie sample cards. These are loose and are sold in packs of 24 beads.

The name white heart beads refer to the white glass core inside. This 2-layered process of making white hearts began in 1800's in Venice starting with ancient beads known as Cornaline D' Aleppo. This unique way of making these white inside with translucent color on the outside produces a much brighter color that appears translucent and glowing. According to the Venetians this type of red was made with rod of translucent pale pink or violet glass containing gold oxide. Sometimes in the early 1900's the gold was changed to selenium compounds for economic reasons and due to that, some of the deep ruby red luster was lost. Due to their age these beads have dirt, small chips, and pits that are normal for their journey and extensive use. 

  • Size: 4 - 5mm
  • 24 beads in a package
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