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Blue, White and Red Chevron Awale Beads Vintage Italian (12)


Beautiful Venetian Chevron beads in red white and blue. These antique African Trade Beads are called Awale or Awalleh Chevron Beads. They are from the late 1800’s and are a light blue with red and dark blue stripes. These antique beads were handmade in Venice using traditional bead making techniques. The beads are 5-6mm in diameter. The Italians are famous for making the highest quality glass beads. These Chevrons beads have 5 layers and were made in a multi-step process. Glass canes in blue, white and red were fused, then cut to reveal these lovely star patterns. Each one is slightly different and a little work of art, so the size of the beads and holes vary slightly.

  • Size: 5-6mm
  • Sold in a package of 12 beads

Please see our other antique and vintage glass beads. We have recently purchased the estate of a bead and jewelry collector in Texas and we will be adding many more wonderful items. Like me, pin me, and favorite my shop. You never know what wonderful things we will add next.

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