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Meerschaum Carved Beads Rare 15mm

Meerschaum Carved Beads Rare


Rare White Meerschaum Carved Beads from Turkey. I had these rare beads for years and couldn't determine what they were. In my many years of dealing in beads and jewelry, these are the first Meerschaum beads I have ever had. Meerschaum is a variety of the mineral sepiolite usually found in Turkey. 

The beads are surprisingly light weight and are highly carved in a floral design. 

The name Meerschaum is the German word for sea foam (Meer, sea + Schaum, foam).  It is said that this designation was given because of the once held belief that it represented compressed whitecaps of waves in the sea;  its light weight and off-white color apparently led to this belief. The French call it 'écume de mer'. 

They have some minor yellowing and discoloration, which is to be expected in these beads. 

  • Size: several 
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