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Salmon Pink Coral Bone Beads

Salmon Pink Coral Bone Beads- Genuine natural undyed vintage strand


These are genuine salmon pink coral beads. These vintage beads are a natural, lovely classic pink color that comes to mind when you hear coral. The beads are cut into a dog bone or bar bell shape and have been highly polished. The beads are slightly graduated on the strand. These are natural coral and have not been dyed and are not bamboo coral.

  • Circa 1970's
  • Sold in 16" strands
  • Size: 5 x 9mm
  • Excellent quality
Vintage & Rare - This type of coral had been over mined so is very rarely in the market today. We are coral specialists and have a fabulous coral bead collection for sale.

Please visit Estate Beads & Jewelry home page for more beautiful vintage jewelry and beads. We are coral experts, so see all our coral beadsLike me, Pin me, or favorite my shop, you never know what items I will add next!

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