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Swarovski 364 - 5301 Crystal Comet Or Crystal Beads

Swarovski 364 - 5301 Crystal Comet Or Crystal Beads (6)


These rare and lovely Swarovski crystals are model 364 or 5301.
 It is a versatile bicone shape with facets. 
  • They are rare older crystals in a color Crystal Comet Or, which has a 24 Kt gold coating on one side.
  • This color is discontinued in all styles and is collectible.
  • They are mint out of the packaging.
  • The article 364 beads are from the 1950's - 60's and are now discontinued.
  • You receive 6 - 10mm crystals in each order.

Swarovski Austrian crystals are unmatched in their quality and elegance. This is the result of their perfect cuts and special polishing which brings out unparalleled brilliance. They are known around the world as the finest full-lead crystals, so if you want your jewelry to be its finest ~ we recommend that you always select Swarovski!

We are one of the largest dealers in vintage Swarovski crystals and we guarantee these to be genuine authentic Swarovski Austrian Crystals. Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese copies.


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