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Swarovski 5107 Volcano Right Pagodas

Swarovski 5107 Volcano Right Pagodas (6) Vintage


Swarovski 5107 Volcano Right in Volcano - Pagodas (6) Vintage. Volcano is a flashy and fiery red and purple color with lovely depth.

The 5107 shape is highly collectible, it was only made for a few years, so it's one of the rarest Swarovski beads. It is known as the Pagoda shape, also called the potato chip because of the shape and curves. This shape made it difficult to produce. It has vertical facets on one side and horizontal on the other, which creates a checkerboard effect. One side has a silvery AB coating. The Rights are drilled on the AB (bottom) side and the Lefts are drilled on the top. If you use all rights or lefts they overlap. If you alternate lefts and rights they will interlock.

These crystals are mint from the D.S. Swarovski box and very collectible. The precision-cut facets ensure the highest brilliance of any crystals available.

You receive 6 crystals in each order.

Swarovski Austrian crystals are unmatched in their quality and elegance. This is the result of their perfect cuts and special polishing which brings out unparalleled brilliance. They are known around the world as the finest full-lead crystals, so if you want your jewelry to be its finest ~ we recommend that you always select Swarovski!

We are one of the largest dealers in vintage Swarovski crystals and we guarantee these to be genuine authentic Swarovski Austrian Crystals. Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese copies.

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I love ordering from Estate Beads and jewelry so much. Their inventory varies, is always shipped on time and packed beautifully. And the one time I received something I was unsure of and asked about it, they were very very helpful. Customer service is excellent!

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