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Vintage Charms - The Most Sentimental of Jewelry

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Charms are regaining their popularity and are showing up everywhere! They are not just for charm bracelets anymore. Charms are being added to necklaces in interesting groupings like pendants. We have a fabulous collection of vintage charms from the Victorian era as well as the mid 20th century for you to choose from. We will constantly be adding new ones for sale. Mix and match old with new or add to your existing collection of vintage charms. Queen Victoria gets the lion’s share of credit for popularizing the charm bracelet and charm necklace, as we know it. She had a series of charms designed and produced to give as gifts to her extended family and circle of friends every New Year.

10K Gold Victorian Figa Hand CharmVictorian sterling lion heart charmTheda Four Leaf Clover Charm

I just visited the Smithsonian American History Museum and saw an exhibit on the First Ladies. The section on Mamie Eisenhower mentioned she was well loved and her fashions were copied by many Americans. Mamie's love of charm bracelets was listed as a reason they gained popularity in the 1950's.

We especially love the vintage travel shield charms and any travel related charms. These charms were very popular with European and American tourists during the 1930's-60's. They were fabulous little souvenirs of their travels, with most depicting famous landmarks, countries' flags or crests. Their bright colored enameling is very appealing and make for lovely additions to charm bracelets. We have more in stock and will be steadily adding them to the site, so keep checking for updates. They have become highly collectible today.

Sterling Innsbruck, Austria Travel Shield CharmAlkmaar, Netherlands Travel Shield Silver CharmVintage Bergen Travel Shield Charm

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