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Jewelry & Gemstone Trends for Summer 2017 - The Hot List

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2017 is a year for many eye-catching trends in gemstones and fashions. I have seen many on my buying trips and visits to Gem and Jewelry shows. Summertime has its own palette, as we want to throw off our dark and black winter colors and celebrate the glow of the summer sun! Of course, jewelry and gemstones are my favorite way to display summer colors. Create your own color designs for summer with these wonderful hues; be bold, creative, mix, and enjoy yourself!

The words organic and natural don’t just apply to food. They are also trending in gemstones and jewelry. I have seen a return to earth tones this winter and natural looking hues.They are still on trend this summer, just lighter and brighter colors now. Geodes and crystal points are in abundance along with pyrite and chunky stones dangling on chains.

Green Agate Geode Slice PendantBanded Agate Pendant

 All hues of green are big in 2017. Starting with Greenery, which was Pantone’s Color of the year. Green is nature’s color and the hues range from lime to emerald to neon. Many of you are already familiar with green jade and August’s birthstone, Peridot, with its gorgeous yellow-green glow. But there are probably more green gemstones than any other color I can think of. Here are some of our top picks in green gemstones.

Green Fluorite Round 12mm Bead StrandsOlive Green Serpentine Rondelles


Orange in all its variations is a bright, wonderful color (and my personal favorite). The popular gems this summer with shades of orange include citrine, sun stone, carnelian, amber and of course coral. They mix well with turquoise, pearls, agate, clear quartz and silver. Here are some lovely examples.

 Orange Bakelite BraceletOrange Coral Necklace Set

Iridescent gemstones are coming on strong and filling my Instagram feeds. There’s an extensive range of iridescent stones spanning the spectrum from pale and pink to shimmering and dark. I have seen a resurgence for opals that don’t just come in white any more. Don’t forget about moonstones or the radiant and flashing labradorite. It seems anything that glows and shimmers is on the rise.

Blue Opal NuggetsPink Opal Beads


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